Windows Fundamentals XP for Legacy PCsللأجهزة البطيئه والقديمه

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Windows Fundamentals XP for Legacy PCsللأجهزة البطيئه والقديمه

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للأجهزة البطيئه والقديمه

Microsoft Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs is a Windows XP-based operating system designed for customers who have older computers running earlier operating systems and who are not in a position to purchase new hardware. This operating system is available only to Microsoft Software Assurance customers and helps you get the most from your older hardware, thereby reducing your total cost of ownership. This Software Assurance benefit provides improvements to security and manageability to reduce the strain on your IT team, improve end-user productivity, and close security gaps. Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs is based on Microsoft Windows XP Embedded Service Pack 2 (SP2), enabling you to upgrade to the security and stability of the Microsoft Windows XP platform.

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Minimum system requirements

* Pentium class processor 233 MHz (300 MHz recommended)
* 64 MB RAM (128 MB recommended)
* 500 MB HDD (1 GB recommended)
* 800×600 or higher display resolution

Key features

* Consumes by default less RAM than full Windows XP Professional
* Supports most 2000/XP applications
* Supports basic networking features
* Supports most 2000/XP drivers
* Updates older machines to modern security specifications
* Supports DirectX (Installed with Media Support / DirectX upon OS installation)
* Supports extended peripherals such as mouse, keyboard
* Supports the ability to launch terminal services client from CD

Issues and limitations

* Dial-up networking is available while terminal-based connections have less support
* Certain command prompt commands do not exist, e.g.: TSKILL, NET START, others
* May have compatibility issues with some programs
* May have problems with old drivers
* Does not include the Joystick calibration control panel (JOY.CPL)
* Does not include the NULL.SYS software device (used by Cygwin to implement /dev/null)


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